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Warranty Information

What is covered

If your vehicle suffers a mechanical failure of a covered component we will, during the warranty period, pay the cost of having the mechanical failure repaired, only if it is repaired by an authorised Audi dealer subject to the terms and conditions of this warranty.

The components covered include any component of your vehicle that was originally covered by the Audi new vehicle warranty, but excludes those components described under ‘What is not covered’ section below.

The most we will pay is limited to the market value of the vehicle as at the date of the mechanical failure inclusive of additional benefits or the to the limits stipulated in the Warranty booklet provided with the vehicle.

If your vehicle suffers a mechanical failure during the warranty period, we will provide the following benefits:

1. Quality Guarantee
All repairs to covered components authorised by us prior to the commencement of repairs will be covered by this warranty for the remaining warranty period. To enable us to give you this Guarantee, we may also decide which repairer is to repair your vehicle.

2. Consumable Items
Any items that require periodic replacement as part of normal vehicle maintenance are not covered by this warranty (please refer to 'General Exclusions' section for what is not covered). We will however, pay to replace such items if they are required in relation to a mechanical failure.

Audi Assist 24 hour roadside assistance
Audi assist applies during the warranty period and is offered to provide you with assistance in case of breakdown anywhere in the Middle East or Singapore, 365 days a year.

Claim recovery

If you make a claim on this warranty for an incident where we believe costs could be recovered from another party, we reserve the right to take action to recover money paid by us. When we do this we may need to take such action in your name, and therefore you must co-operate with us and give us any information we may require. We will pay for any legal expenses.

All displaced parts become the property of the warranty administrator.

Vehicle servicing

It is a condition of this warranty that you have your vehicle properly, regularly and punctually serviced in accordance with Audi’s recommendations as detailed in the owner’s manual, by an authorised Audi dealer. 

Unless the warranty administrator otherwise agrees on our behalf in writing, all servicing must be performed by an authorised Audi dealer.

Once the service is complete, please ensure that the service coupons have been completed and stamped. This information will be needed in the event of a claim.

If you do not comply with these servicing requirements we may refuse a claim or cancel this warranty.


Only you are entitled to make a claim or receive a benefit from this warranty. At our sole discretion we may permit transfer to a new owner if you sell the vehicle privately.

To request transfer please complete the transfer of ownership request form and send it to the warranty administrator, accompanied by a copy of the vehicle service records and the transfer fee of USD 50.

Transfer will not be accepted if the vehicle is sold to or through a motor dealer or trader.

Cancelling this warranty

You may cancel this warranty at any time by writing to the warranty administrator to request cancellation, however no refund will be granted in such case.

We may also cancel this warranty where you have not fully complied with the conditions of the warranty.

Our service commitment

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with our product, the service you receive or the way we handle your personal information, please write to us, making your letter to the attention of the dealer principal. The dealer principal will act on your concerns and respond to you within 21 days of receiving your correspondence.

12 month warranty – including roadside assistance
Another benefit of being a part of the programme is the backing of a minimum 12 month warranty, which includes Audi Roadside Assistance to provide any necessary help when on the road.*

*The program runs in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Singapore

Vehicle reconditioning with Audi Genuine Parts
Should the multi-point check highlight any irregularities, we will undertake rectification work, ensuring the car meets our meticulous standards before it reaches the forecourt.

Most importantly, we only use Audi Genuine Parts.*

* The program runs in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Singapore

Looking after you in the event of a breakdown
For 100% driving confidence, Audi Approved :plus also includes the backing of a 12-month Audi Warranty, featuring Audi Assist. This provides any necessary help at the roadside.

For the full details of your 24 hour roadside assistance cover see our Terms and Conditions.

Audi Assist 24 hour roadside assistance

Audi Assist applies during the Audi Approved :plus extended warranty period and is offered to provide owners with assistance in case of breakdown anywhere in the Middle East and Singapore, 365 days a year. In case of breakdown simply call the 24 hour toll free telephone number in your country (Calls made in Singapore will not be toll free and will be charged at local rates).
Please refer to your Audi Assist card.


Audi Assist applies to all passenger cars with a current Audi Approved :plus extended warranty. 

The period of cover will be equivalent to the Audi Approved :plus extended warranty plan period specified on the warranty application. 

The program applies in all cases where the vehicle, whilst in the course of a journey, suffers a breakdown anywhere in Middle East or Singapore. Additionally the vehicle must be undriveable or otherwise unable to complete the journey.

Assistance under the Audi Assist program is available only in conjunction with your service booklet, which must be presented in the event of a breakdown.

Exclusions – 24 hour roadside assistance

The Audi Roadside Assistance program does not cover breakdowns which are:

1. The result of an accident, except as provided.

2. Caused intentionally or by negligence on the part of the owner, the driver or one of the occupants of the vehicle.

3. Due to the use of non-authorised parts or due to alterations to the vehicle which have not been authorised by Audi.

4. Caused by the theft of vehicle or vehicle components.

5. Due to participation in motor sport events or in practise for such events.

6. The result of war, civil unrest, earthquake, storm, or similar.

Other exclusions: What is not covered?

• Towing, accommodation, hire car/alternative transport/vehicle recovery costs incurred as a result of the vehicle being stolen or involved in a collision or where the vehicle is “bogged” and requires specialised heavy equipment for its removal and/or is not within easy reach of a constructed road, trafficable by a two-wheel drive vehicle.

24 hours, 7 days a week Audi Assist
Audi Assist is a roadside assistance program free of charge for 3 years from the first date of delivery of your new vehicle. With Audi Assist you have the security of knowing that help is available 24 hours, 7 days per week, region wide.

Assistance when you need it the most
You can avail of this comprehensive service should your Audi ever become immobilised due to:

• A breakdown
• Flat tyre
• Lack of fuel
• Lost keys, or keys locked inside the vehicle
• Flat battery

Upon receiving your call, we will evaluate your needs and depending on your situation send an Audi Service Mobile or recovery vehicle. Please contact the toll free number corresponding to your location:

• Bahrain 80001024
• Jordan 065800038
• Kuwait 22442739
• Lebanon 01252558
• Oman 24702267
• Qatar 00800973005
• Saudi Arabia 8008973925
• Singapore 98281233
• Syria 0115324470
• UAE 80009730536
• Yemen 777408622